In 2021, Hungary had a number of achievements in the field of space research and industry. Space diplomacy is playing an increasingly important role in promoting Hungarian scientific and technological research and innovation, contributing to the development of Hungarian education and the strengthening of our space companies. In this context 

  • the Government adopted the Hungarian Space Strategy on 18 August 2021;
  • also in the summer, the government adopted a decision to support the Hungarian research space mission, under which Hungary will send a trained Hungarian research astronaut to the International Space Station to test instruments developed by Hungarian space companies, research institutes and universities and to conduct experiments on board the space station (HUNOR - Hungarian to Orbit);
  • the International Association of Space Explorers (ASE) held its 33rd Congress in Budapest in the first week of November 2021; 
  • a governmental sub-website was created to promote Hungarian space exploration activities in Hungary;
  • the third edition of the 'Hungarian Space Caleidoscope', an updated version of the 2021-2022 edition in Hungarian and English, was published by the Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT), available online here.