PM Orbán in an interview with German daily Stern: Our view is that Europe is made up of sovereign nations

“In Hungary, we say that you can only be a good European if you are a good Hungarian,” Prime Minister Orbán said in an interview published yesterday in the German daily Stern. The prime minister elaborated on why Hungarians oppose the EU’s centralization endeavors, what Hungary expects from the EU, the rule of law in Hungary, Islam and migration.
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FM: Hungary has introduced the strongest package of incentives in its economic history

Ever since assuming power in 2010, the economic target of the Fidesz-Christian Democrats-led government has been to ensure that Hungary exceeds the average European economic growth level by at least 2 percentage points.
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PM Orbán highlights action plan to relaunch the economy

The prime minister said a new online national consultation survey will be launched in February on “issues regarding reopening” the country.
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