As of today, the new Consular Service website and the new Junior subpage are available. The improvements will help customers to access travel and consular information through a modern, transparent and user-friendly website. Our Junior subpage supports the younger generation in their travels and helps them prepare for responsible travel abroad.

The Consular Service considered it of utmost importance to help Hungarian citizens travel abroad and find information with the new website. The design of the new consular website took into account the search needs of travellers, the results of the citizen questionnaire survey and browsing measurement prior to its development, as well as the experience of customer enquiries received by the Call Centre. The most searched content has been placed in the menu header and on the main page, and the structure of the site and the structure of the pages has been categorized (e.g. Visa for Hungary) to facilitate easy access to information. With harmonised content for both countries and diplomatic representations, the website follows today's trends and makes it easy for the user to find the country or representation they are looking for. The website is optimised to adapt to browsing habits, making it easy to use on mobile devices, and the interactive interface (electronic form) ensures that visitors can contact the Consular Service directly.

The websites are available here: (older browsers e.g. Internet Explorer is not supported, Chrome or other similar browsers recommended):

Konzinfo website: (in English as well!)
Junior subpage: (directly accessible from Konzinfo, too)