The Crimea Platform was held for the third time at the initiative of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The international meeting was attended in person and online by representatives of more than 60 countries, including the Presidents of Ukraine, Portugal and Lithuania, as well as the President of the Republic of Hungary, Katalin Novák.

On the second day of her visit to Ukraine, President Katalin Novák attended and addressed the third summit of the Crimea Platform in Kyiv at the invitation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. During the discussions, she emphasized that 'we must stand unequivocally by Ukraine and condemn Russia's unjust aggression [...] Ukraine has the right to say: the war started in Crimea and it must end with the retaking of Crimea'. She added that Ukraine could count on Hungary's support and full solidarity in the war. She concluded by saying that war cannot take away the future of children. At the international forum, the Hungarian President also reiterated her call for peace. 

Following the summit, Novák and Zelenskyy agreed on the following in their private meeting:
1. Befitting to neighbors, setting up a direct presidential communication channel.
2. Start preparing a new document on relations between the two countries.
3. Hungary will be involved in the negotiations on the peace formula initiated by the Ukrainian President.
4. Give priority to cooperation on children affected by the war.
5. Reach rapid progress on the minority rights of Hungarians in Transcarpathia.

During his trip to Ukraine, Novák also visited the village of Zahalci in Kyiv Oblast, where a kindergarten and school building, which had been severely damaged in the fighting, is being rebuilt with Hungarian government support and coordinated by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. Speaking on the spot, she stressed that those in need, especially children, could count on Hungary's help in all circumstances. Thanks to Hungarian support and the dedicated work of the aid organisation, the kindergarten is still available for the children in the midst of the war.